How do you know when to walk away?

After a very restful Easter (like literally, I slept the majority of the time), I had some time to think about some things that have gone down recently.  And while I usually joke, I got quite serious and started thinking, how do you know when to walk away?  Whether it’s a situation or a person, when do you give up and raise the white flag?  How do you know when enough is enough?

You remember when I talked about the shit hitting the fan?  Well, it hasn’t really stopped, it’s been a perpetual shit storm.  I’m very literally at the end of my rope, and I honestly don’t think I can take much more physically or emotionally.  As much as I don’t want to be a quitter and the thought of leaving my job or someone I care about, it’s pushed me to consider walking away.  I’d like to take my situation, though, and use it to give you some guidelines to know when you need to give up.  So what are some signs or signals?

1.  When you get physically ill…
Now I’m not talking about catching a cold because someone has poor hygiene and sneezes on you (ewwwww), I’m talking stress related sickness.  Shingles is a pretty big sign.  You want another?  So remember me just saying what a restful break I had?  I felt awesome.  I finally slept, I finally ate, I felt more myself than I have in a long time.  I was even doing my makeup (gasp! I know!  Although, there’s your explanation for lack of pictures…).  So I woke up this morning, a little apprehensive, but still pretty awesome.  I was moments away from leaving my haven and went to put my bag strap on.  As I placed it on my shoulder (and yes onto my hair – ouch!), I immediately got light-headed and felt nauseous.  Yikes!  And then as I got into my car, I developed a headache that has yet to disappear.  Getting physically sick is your body’s way of trying to send you a very important message.

2.  Speaking of physical issues…
Don’t worry, I’m not about to assail you with a dissertation of how stress has affected my IBS.  What I am going to share with you is some more physical symptoms that should not be ignored – not sleeping or eating.  Now, one night of not being able to sleep is kinda standard for our lives, right?  You have a lot going on, you have a lot on your mind, it can make it hard to get some shut eye.  The problem arises when it becomes consistent, and even on the weekends, you can’t seem to catch up on the lost zzz’s.  When the thought of waking up in the morning terrifies you and you can’t seem to fall asleep, it’s another warning sign from your body.  What’s another way to tell?  If you try to take over-the-counter sleep aids and they do diddley squat, you need to take a closer look at what’s going on.
So what about the not eating? Isn’t that kinda like a diet?  Ha! I wish!  This isn’t a I’m-trying-to-fit-in-my-skinny-jeans kind of not eating.  This is a my-stomach-hurts-so-bad-I-can’t-even-look-at-food kind of not eating.  While the thrill of dropping a few pounds may seem like the silver lining to that cloud, think about what is happening to your body.  When you don’t give it enough fuel, it starts to shut down and doing something as simple as walking up the stairs becomes a serious chore that leaves you out of breath.  Getting lightheaded, feeling nauseous, not being able to keep food down or in – those are apparently not normal and more red signs from your body.

3.  It’s not just about physical stuff…
Your body is pretty quick to send you some signs, but what’s even quicker?  Your heart and soul.  So I recently had a conversation with someone I care a lot about.  I’ve been hurt very badly by this person before, like heart broken, “I love you, but”, kinda hurt.  I wasn’t expecting anything to come out of this conversation, I just felt I needed to share some things in order to protect them.  After a few responses, I suddenly felt like I wasn’t being believed, like I was being placated but not understood.  I felt like after everything I had done to protect this person, I had not received the same in return.  I did have quite a bit to say, but all’s I could end with was “I’m done.” Can I explain it?  Not really.  All’s I know is my heart was telling me that I couldn’t possibly take anymore heartbreak.  Sometimes we feel something that we can’t explain, but it’s still a valid sign.  Trust your intuition.  We sometimes over-rationalize or try to explain away our feelings.  We call ourselves crazy and then list a million reasons why we’re wrong.  But where did this feeling come from in the first place?  Our heads move slower than you’d think, and a gut feeling or reaction is your heart and soul’s way of letting you know what’s going on.

And so as I finish up this post, I feel I’m still left with asking myself what I’m supposed to do next.  The only other thing I can add is to trust your gut and have some faith that God has this whole business under control.

photo 2

And just in case you’re feeling a little down…

photo 1

Hope this helps if you’re going through a rough patch right now.  Much love to you all.

W-a-D Wednesday – the long hair edition

So you always hear all these great things about long hair and how to care for it. It’s so great because there’s so much you can do with it, and it looks so feminine and pretty! What nobody ever talks about are the dangers of long hair…yes, that’s right I said dangers. Because I care, though, I’d like to take this time to warn all of you of some issues that come about when you have long hair…

1. Bag straps – they hurt.
This was the first major issue I noticed. My hair hasn’t been this long since maybe 2005. Therefore, I’m maybe a little out of practice rocking the long locks. So one day, I let my locks flow free. Well, I forgot that I had left it down and untamed, and so I went to grab my work bag before heading out the door. As I placed it on my shoulder, my head suddenly, and painfully, cocked to the right – my hair had gotten caught under my strap. I kinda looked like a demented parakeet with my ear way too close to my shoulder… And what’s even worse than it happening once? Happening every single time I wear my hair down, AND how surprised I am when it does… Therefore, do a Baywatch-y hair flip before putting on those bags!

2. Drains – they clog.
If you have long hair, I believe it is sound financial advice to take stock in the company that owns Drano. My drain-o needs to be drano’ed like every other week… There’s just so much hair…everywhere. I brush my teeth, loose hairs fall in my sink. I wash my face, more loose hairs fall in the sink. I brush my hair, and sweet Jesus, it’s like a small kitten going down the drain! Well, I had one small kitten in the drain last week, and not even Drano was powerful enough. I had to jerry-rig a wire coat hanger into a plumbing device. While I felt all McGyver-y, Continue reading

W-a-D Wednesday – Something ain’t right with some of ya…

I’ve noticed a very disturbing pattern. I check my stats every day, especially the days I post. I particularly pay attention to search terms and most viewed posts. It helps me plan new posts, figure out better tags, and understand my audience better. And what’s one thing I’ve come to understand about my audience? Some of y’all are pervs…


I have to admit that I’ve noticed this pattern for quite some time now. What I didn’t make the connection to was that every time that was entered into my stats as a search term, the following picture was also clicked on…


Here I am, all innocent and naive, thinking my snazzy pairing of my baby pink shirt with stripy skirt is what made it such a popular picture! Oy vey! I’ve never thought of myself as particularly busty, so this came as quite a surprise.

I don’t know who’s more to blame – me for not realizing just how that picture looks or the people who are finding me based on “big boobs”… I’d also like to figure out how my site keeps popping up when someone googles “big boobs tshirt”… (For shame, Google!)

And so what’s the lesson to be learned on this whoops-a-daisy Wednesday? When taking a picture, it’s all about the angles! Good angles = good pictures = good views. Bad angles = people googling naughty terms and finding you…

And another one bites the dust. May the rest of your Wednesdays be whoops-a-daisy-less! Oh, and just one more thing, because it’s too funny not to share…


Happy hump day from the funkiest camel around!

Ask and you shall receive…

It’s a hard knock life, right? I’ve been kvetching about it for a few weeks now, talking about shingles and all that shit.  As a matter of fact, I was just discussing with a holistic healer alternative therapies for pain and other issues because ain’t NOTHING working (like seriously, not even oxycodone…)  So what’s a girl to do?  Are things ever going to get better? Ask and you shall receive…

What specifically did I ask for?  I went all Kit-Kat-esque and was asking God for a break, like seriously.  After putting up with so much crap and feeling like I’m on the verge of a full out nervous breakdown (like seriously contemplating leaving), I was just like, “God, hook me up with some fun.  Like some real fun.  Like I want to laugh.  Like really laugh, the kind that makes me snort (even though that’s embarrassing). Thanks, God.”  It’s pretty simple, straight forward, and although all the likes make me sound like a ditzy Valley girl, I don’t think it’s asking too much at all.

So what did I receive?  All that and a little more.  Last weekend just so happened to be my bestie’s Mad Hatter themed bridal shower.  As part of the bridal party, we had been working with the rest of her family on putting together this shindig for a few months, and I know we were all excited that the day had finally come.  As my “twin” (Vegas flashback…), I was happy to be able to something for someone who I consider more like family.  And anytime we get together with some of our other friends, it’s bound to be a good time…

photo 3

Who doesn’t love a photo booth?!  And with props?!  I love how the first picture is so nice and normal – the lovely bridal party.  Don’t we look so demure?  Totally prepared for a proper tea party!  The next picture?  Do you see that hot mess pink mound on my head?  I guess it can’t be a Mad Hatter Tea Party if you’re not wearing a slightly misshapen flowery hat! Plus, I love my bestie’s mom so much (she always used to make me bacon and eggs for breakfast whenever I visited), that when she suggested that it would go perfectly with the pink in my dress, I did not hesitate to shove that sucker as far on my head as it would go (which turned out to be not very far which is why it’s kinda tilted).
The big issue for all the photos, in the photo booth and outside of it, seemed to be not knowing what to do with your hands…  It became a rather humorous topic of conversation.  Should they be at your sides? Does that look normal?  Should you put them behind you?  What about on your knee? Nothing seemed to look just right.  So I decided maybe we should do arms behind one another…  That apparently is a little difficult when there’s such a difference in heights…hence the sudden extreme pull of gravity in the middle of the picture…

Speaking of not knowing what to do with your hands…

photo 2

So here I thought we were going to take a nice, lady-like picture when I was promptly yelled at, “Look like you like each other!”  While I tried to explain that I’m not a big touchy-feely kind of person, that apparently wasn’t good enough.  What to do then?  Hmm…you want me to look like I like all of you???  What’s the best way to portray just how much I like them?  Just throw myself on them and smile big… And do you notice the hand issue here, too?  I’m pretty sure someone accidentally got goosed…

Just looking at the pictures makes me think of how much fun we had. There were crazy games suggesting that you make your husband’s happiness your prime duty in life (pssh! craziness!), all sorts of crazy hats, and learning new things about the bestie (like her first crush was from Baywatch – who doesn’t love Baywatch?!), and yes, there was at least one snort.

And ya know what? I’d venture so far as to say it was completely therapeutic.  Being surrounded by people you love and care for and people who love and care for you leaves you with a warmth that doesn’t soon go away.  So is everything perfect? Not really.  But I feel like I was able to take a deep breath, recenter, and refocus on the more beautiful things of life.  And also, the shingles ain’t so shingly anymore…

photo 1

I’m honestly blessed to have such warm and caring friends.  I asked God for a break, and He sure as heck gave me one.

Have a great day. Much love to you all.


Why April Fools’ Day sucks for teachers…

So I’ve counted myself extremely lucky that the last two years, I have not had to work on April Fools’ Day.  It causes a whole lot of hullabaloo, and although I have at times been the cause of said hullabaloo, it creates chaos in what should be a generally orderly environment.  (I’ve taken the contents of students’ desks and hid them all over the room and then rocked my best poker face as they frantically search for their missing things…)  All in all, today is a teacher’s worst nightmare…


So not only do the children try to run amok, but there is a sense of anxiety that pervades the day as you sit there and wait for the next prank…and wait…and wait… Granted, they end up being harmless, silly pranks, but still, the whole not-knowing when it’s going to hit is awful.

What else makes it awful? I’m gonna sound like a party-pooper, but it is the harmless, silly pranks.  There was the rubber neon orange snake under my desk, which honestly, I didn’t see but was alerted to the fact that it was there by a student walking back and forth in front of my desk.  There have also been fake spiders and other bugs.  There has also been the “what’s that over there?” question that gets me every time seeing as how I am a concerned educator.  Of course a good student prank is feigning sickness.

So how do educators get the children back?  As I said, you can hide all of their stuff and then laugh evilly as they frantically search.  But if you’ve done it once, it kinda loses it’s newness.  Then there is the old-school “Pop quiz!”  That is so overused, though, that the kids pretty much just laugh at you once you say it.  Basically, our options as teachers are limited.  Plus, I myself prefer to wait until a day that is not April Fools’ Day because, as my father always wisely warned us when growing up, “Expect it when you least expect it!”

But then, the part that makes it even more awful? The pranks they play on each other…  Good grief.  There have been whole prank wars – boys versus girls.  Can I tell you what a headache it causes?! First, there was hand sanitizer all over the girls’ pencils.  Then someone dumped a funky flavored Mio in people’s water bottles.  Oh, and in said water bottles, someone went around poking tiny holes!  Oh yeah, and then someone decided to bring in a birthday treat – yum, right? They were some lovely chocolate chip cookies flavored with garlic powder and vinegar.  What a tasty treat! Oh yeah, and I’ve found a small child rubbing all the salt off of his pretzels and saving it for something – although I never found out what that something was…  Trying to keep the peace once these prank wars have become is intolerable.

I’ve said it once, twice, three times or more today – I hate April Fools’ Day; it is a teacher’s worst nightmare, worse than getting them all sugared up at their Christmas party.  All’s I can say is, thank God it only comes once a year!

As much as I hate it at work, I still love hearing about a good prank.  (One of my favorite YouTube videos is the buttered floor prank… )  So, who has a good prank to share?????

Have a great day everyone!  Stay safe, and it’s probably a good piece of advice to check your food and drinks before enjoying! Much love to you all!

I don’t think you’re ready for what I got going on today…

So my work is raising money this week for a cancer charity. As part of the fundraising, today was deemed a “dress up” day instead of a dress down day. The catch was this, teachers were asked to get funky with it and find an old prom or bridesmaid gown – the older, the better. At first, I thought of my junior prom dress – beautiful peacock blue but floor-length, not ideal for a rainy day. And then I realized that I had donated my senior prom dress to charity years ago – which quite frankly is good because someone as pale and somewhat busty as I am should not be wearing a strapless, light lavender dress. So then I was all like, “Oh well, guess I’m gonna have to be a party pooper and not participate…” And seeing as how I am never a party pooper for stuff like this (I once dressed up in a giant pink bunny suit), I was quite disappointed.

So then I got up this morning and was about to put on my coral linen pants, when I suddenly saw my Aunt Josie’s pink skirt hanging in my closet. I figured it wasn’t a full out prom dress, but it was at least something! And then, I started shuffling through my closet to find a top when I saw something so much better…


Words cannot describe my excitement when I tried it on, and it fit! This was my Aunt Josie’s dress from circa 1950 that I had found in my grandmother’s house a few years ago. As soon as I saw it in all its pink glory, I fell in love – the lacy top with peter pan-esque color, the bow on the back, the full skirt with crinolin, and the flower on the waist. Dear sweet Jesus, I’m like a giant cupcake in this dress, and I love it!

I remember when I had taken it from my grandmother’s house, my sister had asked me when I would ever actually wear this. I didn’t have an answer then, but after wearing it today, I think I could answer, “All the time of course!”

Here’s to Fridays and pink, fluffy dresses! Have a great day everyone!!!!>

It’s a sickness really…

So I got up this morning, of course after hitting the snooze button quite a few times, made my coffee and my toast and sat down in front of the t.v. to enjoy my breakfast. Once I finished my toast, I picked up my iPad, as I do every day, and indulged in my sickness. My morning ritual while drinking my coffee consists of (and it has to be in this order, sometimes I think I have a little OCD about it): check my Facebook, check my Instagram, check my WordPress, then check my Pinterest. (I do have a Twitter account, but I’m not a big fan of it. I can’t keep my thoughts short…) To sum it up, I get a full dose of social media first thing in the morning. I try to convince myself that it’s the same thing as watching the news, but deep down inside, I know that’s baloney…

So not only is this my morning ritual, but I hit up my social media at lunch, again when I get home, and sometimes right before I go to bed. And if I’m sick and lying on the couch all night, I tend to hit it up a little more often. Add it all up, and it becomes a whole lot of time spent “socializing” on social media.

photo 2

Now, ironically, while I was on Facebook this morning, I came across an article about the dangers of social media overload. I didn’t read the whole article because I was feeling a little ADD and couldn’t focus, but the gist of it was that we tend to isolate ourselves when we’re so “connected” to people through the wonderful worldwide web. I guess I get that. You become so busy updating statuses, posting pictures of what you had for dinner, or pinning projects that you’ll probably never do, that you forget that there’s real people out there that you could…GASP…talk to! It does become an addiction, and you can start to feel like if you don’t post that picture for #tbt that you’ll suddenly have no “friends”.

Another big issue with social media? And I swear I read this in a legit article, it can cause depression. It sounds crazy, right? Think about it, though.  Haven’t you ever seen someone’s fabulous vacation pictures from Aruba and suddenly become upset that you’ll never be able to afford to go to there? Or maybe you constantly see posts about how wonderful so-and-so’s life is, and you sit there and think that everything is going wrong for you right now? Ironically again, I saw a post on Instagram this morning commenting on how you only post what’s good in your life, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have your share of troubles. Just because you took that awesome vacation doesn’t mean that your life is perfect. When we’re constantly focusing on the good in others’ lives, we tend to focus less on the good in our lives. We start to compare, but in reality, we’re not comparing the truth. We end up comparing the best times of one person’s life to the harsh times of our own. Think about if you do this day after day. It kinda makes sense that some people might experience depression.

photo 1

So what’s my advice for the best way to combat this sick addiction? Just put it down. Put down the iPad, put down the phone, put down the laptop. If you can’t go cold turkey, check out all your social media once, and then put it away. Take a walk, call a friend, or talk to your cat (being home sick for a couple weeks now is slowly turning me into a crazy cat lady…). It takes something like 30 days to develop a habit; it’s probably going to take at least that long to start breaking it.

And now, a general update. Ironically, for the third time, it’s about my Facebook page. I had deleted my Facebook page for the blog because I felt like I was having a hard time updating it and using it for useful things. But then I realized it affected my stats, so I have re-published it. When I publish a new post, it automatically posts it on my page. Seeing as how I’m trying to do a social media detox right now, don’t expect too much more than that, but feel free to like my page anyways.

Have a great day everyone! Hopefully it will start feeling like spring so you can take my advice and go for a walk. Much love!

The power of a memory

This whole shingles business is complete crap. It’s painful, and the pills make me woozy. Oh yeah, and the doc was worried that I’m not large enough to handle hardcore painkillers, so I have the little sissy painkillers that just make me a little drowsy but don’t do a whole lot else. It’s enough to put any little bowl of sunshine into an Oscar the grouch. And it surely doesn’t help that I have to take them with food, but they make me feel nauseous to the point where I don’t want to eat. Add onto that all the emotional crap from work, and it has created a fine mess. Forget Oscar the grouch, it’s more like the Wicked Witch of the West…

That’s pretty much how I was rolling when I got home yesterday; even the cat didn’t want to come near me. I was planning on just putting on my pajamas and hitting the sack, but I remembered that I still have some potatoes that I bought last week. Now seeing as how it physically pains me to waste food, I got a little huffy realizing I had to do something with them last night before they went all rotten and gross. What to do? I picked my tired ass off the couch, tore myself away from my precious Dr. Phil, and decided to make some of Grandma’s potatoes.

What are Grandma’s potatoes, you ask? Well, only the best potatoes ever! Basically, they are oven-roasted and seasoned potatoes, but somehow they are so much more than that.

I grudgingly cut up the potatoes, stuck them in the pan, seasoned them just right, and shoved them in the oven. As I turned toward the sink and started doing my dishes, the apartment started to be filled with the smell of the potatoes cooking. I don’t think I can even begin to describe how wonderful it smelled. All’s I know is that as I started to smell it, I closed my eyes and felt like I had been transported back in time, and that I was standing in my grandmother’s kitchen impatiently waiting to try one. I could feel the sunlight from her kitchen window and could hear the t.v. playing the Belmont Stakes in the background. As I took another deep breath, I was suddenly filled with so much love. The pain stopped for just a minute, and my mind relaxed, remembering so many happy times. I started to smile, feeling like this was a little gift after a long day…

As I said before, they’re technically just seasoned potatoes, but making and enjoying them is a beautiful experience for me. I can still remember my grandmother teaching me to make them and saying, “Put a lot on. Nana never puts enough seasonings on. That’s what makes them so tasty!”

Now, I could give you the recipe, but then it would lose some of its magic. But hey, if you ever have a rough day, I’d be happy to make some for you…

I hope you all have a great day! Only a few more days until the weekend! >

Important Warning – Stress Sucks!

We all know that stress sucks, that’s nothing new, but I wanted to talk about just how dangerous it can be. I think our first thought when it comes to stress is that it makes you tired or irritated, but there can be so many more effects that can be really hazardous to your health. And therefore, I’m gonna play teacher (because that’s kinda my job), and school you on some of the crazy effects of stress…

Numero uno – memory slip-ups…
So back in college when I had a 6-class course load and was dealing with some other stuff, I was constantly forgetting stuff. One time I even left on the interior light in my car and drained the battery and therefore was stuck at school for a while waiting for a jumpstart. That was embarrassing. And I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve literally been in the middle of a sentence and have completely forgotten what I was talking about. Also embarrassing especially when you’re standing in front of a group of kids trying to edumacate them or something like that. I know I’m not the only one, too. Have you found that you’re suddenly forgetting stuff that you usually remember to do? Or maybe losing things – keys, your cell phone – because you can’t remember where you left them? Ah, this is one of the wonderful effects of stress.
Scientists have proven that constant stress can mess with the area of your brain that deals with short term memory, hence the forgetting mid-sentence what you were talking about. It can also preoccupy you and make you lose focus or your concentration which sure as heck doesn’t help you remember anything either.

Numero dos – stomach issues…
Ew… I hate going there, but it’s quite common. Have you ever gotten so upset about something that you’ve actually gotten sick? Like run-to-the-bathroom-in-terror sick? Or maybe stress causes you to grab that bag of chips and inhale them? Or maybe you just constantly have an aching or burning in your stomach? Why hello, stress, is that you?
Unfortunately, I can answer yes to all of those questions (except for the chips, replace that shit with Oreos, and then it’s the honest to God truth).
Our minds are so powerful that when something upsets us mentally or emotionally, it can play itself out in our bodies and particularly in our stomachs. The chaos that stress wreaks has made me not eat all day to eat everything in sight to even be left running for the bathroom before leaving in the morning because the thought of it makes me sick. How crazy is that?

Numero tres – it sure as heck ain’t just your stomach that’s being messed with…
This was my big lesson for the week. I think of myself as young and healthy. Major stress related health problems only happen to old people, right? Not so much. Aside from having IBS which is very adversely affected by stress, I ended up developing an outbreak of shingles. If you’ve ever had chickenpox, then you have the shingles virus lying dormant in your body. Most people (and usually older people) have outbreaks when their immune systems are severely weakened from sickness (like cancer) or stress. It is extremely painful, like makes-you-wanna-cry-and-barf-at-the-same-time painful. Guess what caused my case of shingles?

If you were to google “stress related sicknesses”, you would get a plethora of results. That’s because stress hurts. It doesn’t matter how old you are, stress can do some serious damage.

I hate to say it, but I hope I scared you into seeing how dangerous stress can be. I always thought it just made me tired and made my IBS a little worse, but it can really cause some serious problems. It’s so important to find ways that work for you to reduce your stress or to remove yourself from stressful, toxic situations. (Although I don’t think devouring a row of Oreos while laying on the couch watching Dr. Phil could really count as being helpful…)

Guys, make sure you’re taking care of yourselves! As I tell my kids, I only nag because I care! Much love to you all, have a great day!

Let’s be real for a minute here…

Honesty is the best policy, right? We’ve been taught from the time that we were very young that to lie to someone is awful. Unscrupulous! Liars are people who are morally bankrupt! People who lie are never to be trusted! Right? But what about lying to ourselves? Is that as awful as lying to someone else?

To be honest (which is what it’s all about, isn’t it?), I think lying to yourself is worst of all. So how does one lie to oneself? And how do we stop lying and finally get real?

1. The “I haven’t done anything wrong… ” lie
Just last week I was talking about the shit hitting the fan – a completely awful and unexpected situation. When something like this happens, we can be prone to see ourselves as victims who have done absolutely nothing wrong! We go all “Oh woe is me!” and fail to see anything else. What a crock of shit…
Absolutely no one is perfect. We all make mistakes. Now, we don’t always make the mistakes we’re accused of, but we still slip up. In my situation, I was wrongly accused, that is no lie, but what happened to me this year, I played a similar part in it happening to someone else last year. I had done, maybe not to the same degree, to a coworker what was done to me. I can’t even begin to tell you how awful I felt when I faced the truth. I had called myself a friend to a previous coworker but hadn’t completely acted like it. I’m not sure how many times I’ve come clean and apologized to her, but at last I’ve stopped playing myself. I’m no saint.
It’s important for us to stop ourselves and look at how we’ve behaved – not to beat ourselves up, but to really examine it. We can’t change what we won’t acknowledge, so constantly playing the saint will get us nowhere.

2. What’s just as bad as lying to yourself about being a saint? Telling yourself you are a victim…
It’s so easy to think you never do anything wrong, and for some people, like myself, it’s just as easy to tell yourself you had no power, no choice when you were placed into certain situations. No, no, no darling. That is not how life goes.
Victim is just a role we all play sometimes; it is not anyone’s reality. In any situation, we always have a choice. We do not have to do what others expect us to do or tell us to do – now granted, there may be some consequences with this idea, but it’s the honest to God truth. If we stay stuck in a bad job or a toxic friendship, that is our choice. We are choosing not to do what is best for us; we are choosing to let someone else dictate what we should or should not be doing. You made that choice. If you don’t like being bullied at work, then say something or find a new job. You feel like someone is taking advantage of your kindness? Then stop giving them your time. You feel like a friend has betrayed you? Then walk the f* away… You are never a victim, stop lying to yourself.

Can you tell there was some soul searching going on since last week? There was also an Oreo binge or two, but that’s completely beside the point. It’s only once we get real with ourselves that we can be real with other people. You can’t control or change the way other people act, but don’t you want to feel proud of yourself for living a truly authentic life? Once we become honest with ourselves, then we can become our authentic selves (potty mouths and all – sorry Ma!). Have a great Monday everyone!!!! Much love to you all!